Sunday, July 31, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Part of being at Nana and Papa's house is getting to ride all of their cars.  Well, I had this brilliant idea that Paige should take my sister's dog, Lucky, for a ride.  I think everyone thought it was hilarious, but my sister and Lucky!

A nice surprise we found out when we got there was that my grandma was coming to visit from Kansas.  We don't get to see her very often and it's always a special time when we get to see her.  I'm so glad that my girls had another chance to get to know their Great Grandma V.  She is so great at engaging the girls and my girls truly love her. 

Here she is helping Alaina into the stirrups.

I just love this picture of Alaina with Grandma.  Alaina is so into whatever she is telling her.

Sidenote for Grandma:  The other night Mark and I heard fireworks going off.  We didn't realize it, but our town was having a fireworks show.  Alaina was still awake so I ran upstairs and grabbed her.  We could see the big ones from our deck.  She was telling me how pretty they were then she said, "We saw fireworks at Nana and Papa's house."  I affirmed her that she was right.  Then she added, "with Amber and Great Grandma!"  I'm so glad she remembers that and that you were there.  Thanks for making the trip up to see us.  It really did mean a lot to me and my family.

Amelia finally getting some of her ladybug birthday cake!

We spent Sunday afternoon playing outside. 

Daddy spent a lot of it pushing the girls down the slip and slide.

They loved it!

Needing to try it on her own!

Aunt Jenna swinging with Paige and Alaina, while Uncle James and Olivia look on.

Me with my neice Olivia.

Oliva Sky!

The girls with their new babies from Great Grandma.  Alaina's has been added to the collection that she sleeps with every night.

Sparklers before the fireworks!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amelia's 1st Birthday Party!

We went back to my hometown for the 4th of July weekend to celebrate my neice, Amelia's, 1st birthday.  We had a great time.  This is going to be in a couple posts, just because there are too many pics for one post.  On Saturday we had her party at a park in town.  My brother Patrick and his wife Kathy did a fantastic job of planning Amelia's party and thinking of everything.

 Amelia and Aunt Amber

Nana and my girls playing a little Ladder Golf.

Amelia and her mommy, Kathy.

Amelia - The birthday girl!

Opening presents

My brother James and his daughter Olivia.

Papa showing something to Alaina.

Attempting a family picture - what's everyone looking at?  Me chasing Alaina.

A much better attempt.  I kind of like that it isn't a perfect picture.  It's who we are!

A rare photo of me with my girls and my neices.

Papa brought some 7UP rafts that he's had forever and several family members had fun floating down the creek.

I got a little nervous when Papa sent the girls by themselves and had to sacrifice being dry for the safetly of my children.

Papa at the "catching" zone.  The water goes over the road and that is where the rides ended.

Aunt Amber catching a ride with Alaina.

My sis Amber, and Sis-in-Law Jenna.

Daddy's turn! 

Nothing like a little watermelon to end a picnic.

After watermelon, the guys got a little braver and decided they would venture past the fjord and float further down the creek.  This is Uncle James, followed by Daddy and Uncle Patrick.

Nana and Papa watching Daddy and Uncle Patrick float under them with Paige and Alaina.

Daddy braving the "rapids".

Daddy, Aunt Amber, and Aunt Jenna crossing the fjord for a turn.

They made it!

And we had to end the day with a cousin bath.  The first time will all four of them together.