Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday with the Grandparents

It was Grandparents Day on April 20th at Paige's School, so both sets of their grandparents came for the weekend.  (Though once again I have no pictures of any of them.  Grandma's - if you have pics with Paige will you get me a copy?)

So because they were all going to be here and it was exactly between the girls' birthday's we decided to celebrate that weekend.  Paige to a new "2 wheel scooter" from Nana and Papa.  She has been wanting one since last fall and they've been hanging on to it for a long time for her.

They gave Lainey a Strawberry Shortcake Polly set.

Uncle Mat, Aunt Myra, Skylar, and Ariana gave the girls new S.S. dolls and Walkie Talkies.  They LOVE their "Talkie Talkie's".

Both sets of Grandparents went together and got the girls each a set of Barbie Furniture.

They were so excited to open each new piece of furniture.

This isn't your normal furniture.  The lights all turn on, the water actually works from the faucets, washing machine and bathtub, and the bed plays a lullaby.  I would have totally loved this a kid.

Now is when they got their big present from Mommy and Daddy.

Daddy made them each a dollhouse!!!!  He did an awesome job!  As you can see they are very big and come with working lights and working elevator.  Yes, a real working elevator.  Can you even begin to imagine having this as a child?! 

As you can see they were pretty excited and loved setting up all their new furniture.

You may even catch Daddy playing at night after the girls go to bed!;)

All set up in their new home.

The two have slide together to look like a big house and Mark painted it the color of our house, complete with a red front door!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter! (photo bomb)

We spent Easter at Nana and Papa's with Aunt Amber and cousin Olivia.

It is so hard to get a natural pic of the girls these days.  They are so into cheesy poses and smiles.

My uncle Tom and his 3 kids came over for lunch and Easter egg hunt (though I have no pics of them).

It was a beautiful day and the girls had fun playing outside.  Paige loves the old pedal tractor we had when I was a kid.  My dad found a wagon for it and Olivia got a ride.

I think Lainey spent most of the afternoon "walking" Aunt Amber's dog Lucky.

The girls redneck ride!

Love this picture!

We had a great weekend, even if we only got pictures of our girls and Olivia.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alaina's Actual Birthday!

My baby turned 4 on Thursday, April 5th.  We love to make their day special, starting with hanging streamers in thir bedroom doorways after they go to sleep.  We also decorate the kitchen table and hang banners and they get to wear a special ribben for the day that says, "It's my birthday!"  We then spend the day doing whatever they want.  She chose to go to the Children's Museum with her friends, a kid's meal for dinner, and Texas Roadhouse for supper.  After supper we came home to celebrate.

Paige got Lainey a fish aquarium lamp (fake fish, of course).  It was a hit!

Mommy and Daddy got her a fairy jewelrty box.....her big present was coming in a couple weeks.  Post to come.

She made it super easy on my this year and wanted a rainbow cake with marshmellow clouds and flowers with yellow frosting cuz its sunny.  I think it turned out pretty cute and she was happy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lainey's Birthday Party

This is probably the last year that Lainey and Zach will get to share a birthday party.  They are best friends are truly love to be together.  Zach is just a few weeks older than Lainey.  This year they had a gymnastics party.

It was so perfect.  They had "coaches" lead the group through warm-ups, 3 different obstacle courses, then had some free play.  Lainey's favorite is the rope swing.

Watching the demonstration.

The whole gang.

The birthday boy and girl.  So hard to get real smiles on command.  Zach wanted Zebras for the boys and Alaina picked pink elephants for the girls.

She was so excited about her pink super hero cape from Zach.

It was a great day and she had so much fun celebrating with her friends!