Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Homecoming Week

It was Homecoming Week for Clear Creek Amana.  I didn't get pictures everyday, which is a bummer, but here are a few shots I did get.
Wacky Wednesday:  The girls wanted to have their hair coming out of cups.  I feel like we pulled it off pretty well.

The girls at the bus stop.

Fancy day:  I didn't get any other pics, but I did manage to snap this one of Paige and her friends at recess.  She is middle left. (Photo bombed by Mr. Creach)

Clipper Spirit Day: My favorite!  

It was rainy, that morning!

We went to the high school football game for the first time that night.  The girls loved it, especially Paige.  I can't believe she is old enough to hang out with friends behind the bleachers the whole game.  We told her she had to have Alaina with her, but Alaina got tired of the crazy and came back to sit with Mark and I to watch the game.

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