Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Tender Heart and the Election

It seems my posts lately are all about Alaina.  She does provide good material and didn't fail to disappoint today.

It's an election year and we are about a month away from electing a new president.  I saw somewhere how this years election is all about voting AGAINST a particular candidate, as opposed to voting FOR a candidate.  The square-off is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Yes, future grandchildren, those are our choices.

The girls got off the bus today talking about how kid's on the bus where saying they liked Hillary and hated Trump. (We live in a VERY liberal county that is democrat heavy.)  I wouldn't say Trump would be our first choice for president, but Hillary might be our last choice for president.  Back to the story, I asked the girls if they asked the other kids why?  No, they hadn't and the subject got changed and life went on.

Fast forward an hour or so.  Paige was at a neighbor friend's house and I was walking Alaina to a different friend's house to see if they wanted to play at the park.  They couldn't, and on the walk home she brought back up the election.  Alaina has always been my patriotic child.  She is always interested in elections and laws and why things are the way they are.  I asked her if she knew why we supported Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton.  She didn't and asked why.  I went on to explain the different reasons we feel she would be a bad choice (Benghazi, deleting emails, lying, anti-guns, Iran, healthcare, etc) and ended by telling her the worst is that she thinks it's okay to kill babies who haven't been born yet and are still in their mommy's tummies.

This broke her heart.

My girl got teary eyed as she tried to wrap her head around why anyone would want to kill a baby.  I tried to explain that some people don't believe that they are really babies with rights until they are born and that mom's should get to choose to keep or kill that baby if it is still in her body. My eight year old then said, in all her eight year old wisdom, with a shaky tear filled voice, "But someone chose to keep THEM!"  Someone chose to keep Hillary, and Donald, and me, and you.  She got it. Right then, nothing else mattered.  She couldn't understand how anyone could vote for someone who thinks that it's okay to kill babies.

And then she got physically scared for our country.  I had to stop her right there and asked her, "Alaina, who do we put our trust in?"  "God," she said.  "Yes, and He is in control.  We can trust Him. Hillary and Donald need Jesus, honey."  She relaxed, but wanted to know why someone isn't telling them about Jesus because if they know Jesus they wouldn't want to do bad things.  She's right!  How amazing would it be if our country was truly led by people who followed Christ.

She then went on to ask why God can't just defeat Satan right now and make him go to hell forever?
Seriously?! She's 8! I said, "Are you ready for Jesus to come get us so we can live with him forever?" "YES", she said. From her lips to God's ears. Please Jesus, we are ready.  Come get us anytime!

In the meantime, we will pray! We will pray for this election and the American voters.  We will pray for Hillary and Donald.  We will pray for Congress, and the House and Senate, and for our Supreme Court judges.  We will pray for Jesus to save come and save us.  Don't underestimate how much children can understand.  They are amazing and their faith knows no boundaries.

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