Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Things Alaina Says...

While listening to her new favorite song by For Kings and Country called Priceless, Alaina was wondering what priceless meant.  I told her it meant that something means so much to you that you wouldn't sell it for any amount of money.  Our conversation went a little like this:

Me:  You are priceless to me.  I wouldn't sell you for any amount of money.
A: Not even a million dollars?
Me: Not even a billion dollars, not even 10 billion dollars.  I love you too much.
A: What about 100,000 billion dollars?
Me: Nope.  Look at it this way.  Would you sell Mommy for a billion dollars?
A:  Yes, because I'd still have Daddy!

Well played, Alaina!

Here's another one:

A: Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: Ah, don't you think I've already grown up?
A: No.........Nana hasn't died yet!

She doesn't think you grow up until you are a grandma.  Funny girl!

One more:
A: Mom, I'm not trying to be mean.  I'm not, but sometimes it looks like your going to have another baby.  Not to be mean.  I'm not trying to be mean.

I got her message loud and clear.  (And we had a little discussion about how we use our words to uplift and encourage others.)  Oy! This girl!