Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Here we are another year down.  I am still trying to keep all this info in the same place.  Here are the 2016 Paige and Alaina stats.  The physical gap is closing as they get older.  There is now only 5 inches and 5 pounds separating them.  The personality gap, however, is still as wide as the Grand Canyon.  But they are becoming the best of friends which warms this momma's heart.  They insist on sleeping together in Paige's twin bed every night and my favorite sight each day is looking in on them sleeping inches from one another so peacefully.  My greatest blessings definitely do call me Mom.

Paige stats:
Age - 10
Height - 144.2 cm/56.75 in/4ft 8 and 3/4in = 80%
Weight - 29.5kg/65.1lb = 25%
BP - 112/64

Alaina stats:
Age - 8
Height - 131.5cm/51.75in/4ft 3 and 3/4in = 65%
Weight - 27.55kg/60.7lb = 60%
BP = 112/58