Wednesday, June 15, 2016


One thing I would go back and do different, is to never start letting my girls attend sleepovers.  It isn't something I thought too much about, to be frank.  I had fun at them as a kid.  It started out harmless with families that we know well and trust, but then, there are girls at those sleepovers who ask, and pretty soon, I wish I had never said yes to any of them.  So far it has been fine We are learning as we go and talking about what to do if certain situations would ever come up.  So if you have littles and sleepovers haven't started yet, think it through.  Here's what I would change.  I would let them go, but pick them up at 10pm instead of having them stay all night.  They would get to be there for all the fun, but then come home for a good nights sleep.  I would do this across the board, no matter who it is.  Yes, I am the parent, and I won't always say yes to sleepovers if I'm uncomfortable.  I just wanted to put it out there, that I would do it different from the start next time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's morning...Right?!

So last night Mark and I rented a movie to watch after the girls went to bed.  They'd had a few late nights and busy days so it was an early to bed night...7:30 (gasp).  We got them all tucked in and started our movie in the basement.  Around 8:30 we heard little footsteps on the main floor.  I yelled up to see who was up.  No answer and we heard footsteps run back upstairs to the bedroom.  I thought whoever it was just needed a drink.  Which is nothing new.  Next thing we know, we hear footsteps again and this time Alaina appears on the steps coming down the basement.  She is completely dressed and asked what we were doing and why Daddy wasn't at work.  Little Miss thought she had slept all night, came down and opened the shades (the sun hadn't set yet, so there was still light), got dressed for the day, and was wearing a big smile.  She had NO IDEA it was still evening. We sure got a good chuckle.

Alaina doesn't really care to be laughed with, so she is not super fond of this story yet.  We keep telling her she needs to learn to laugh at herself.  Someday we will read this and all laugh together.