Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All about Alaina

So there are still a few words that Alaina hasn't quite grasped the pronunciation of.  I love it and am having a hard time correcting her.  Here they are:

rockamole = guacamole
ricorice = licorice
alligator = escalator (Paige tries to correct her on this all the time.)

and she does know now that kiwi is kiwi, but still chooses to call it pooey (and so do the rest of us)!

She adores helping in the kitchen and seems to have a radar for when I am starting to make anything.  I keep telling myself that these "lessons" will pay off someday and I really need to cherish this time with her.

This may be a little too much information, but I want to remember, so here it is....she takes FOREVER to do her business in the bathroom.  It's not so bad when we are at home, but let me tell you, waiting with her in a stall at a restaurant or store for 25 minutes or longer is painful.  She is clockwork, and goes almost everyday right after lunch.  I don't think she goes at school because she is afraid of how long it will take.  So there you have it!  Sorry, future Alaina, for putting this out there, it's who you are are.

Things she loves:  BATHS (would take 2 or 3 a day if we let her), her friends, playing outside, animals and bugs, singing and making a joyful noise, crafts of all kinds, and getting the mail!

She will be the first to tell you that she plans to marry her friend Zachary.  It's a mutual decision so far (and perfectly okay with the parents, too).  They are so cute and non-chalant about it.   I love it!  But watch out Zac.......

Alaina is extremely stubborn and we are often finding ourselves clashing a bit.  I truly think she intends to obey, just after she finishes her agenda.  So we are learning how to communicate with each other so we aren't both always frustrated.  She hates jeans, tie shoes, and having to do things she doesn't deem important.  I pray her tenacity serves her well in life and in her walk with Jesus.

And as much as she sometimes frustrates me, she is also so full of love and hugs and smiles.  She loves life and finds so much joy in the little things.  Her enthusiasm for new things is contagious.  She adores her big sis and brings so much laughter to our home.  Love this girl!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fun in the snow!

The girls have been dying to make an igloo in the snow.  They couldn't quite figure out how to get a roof on it, but are still thrilled!  Thanks to Daddy for braving the cold and helping them have a great time!


Paige had her very first basketball game today!  She did great and even scored a few!  So fun (and a little frustrating) to watch them learn!  I'm hoping this is the first of many, many years of basketball for us.  

All I want for....

Lainey is officially front toothless!  (Sorry for the bad picture from my phone!)