Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lainey's future

Today Lainey was running some errands with me.  As we were leaving Walmart she says, "Mom, I want to be a bird when I grow up.........(pause).......and a mailman."

I asked her, "Why do you want to be a bird when you grow up?"  I thought she would say so she could fly.  Nope!  "Because I like the sounds they make!"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Night Terrors - an update

Well, the fact that I have to give an update means that we are still dealing with Paige's Night Terrors.  I think we are at 3ish years of her having them.

It seems that we go through spurts of her having them a few times a week and her having them every night for weeks.

Usually she starts crying with a terror at around 10:00pm and then again at 11:30pm.  Sometimes she even has a third "episode" around 12:30am.  It takes us an average of 10 minutes to get her calmed down and sleeping peacefully.  Most of the time now we don't have to actually wake her up, but just comfort her until they stop.  Sometimes they are so bad and she is so hysterical that we do turn on lights and try to wake her up out of them.

Typically she starts fussing in her bed, gets up, and comes to find us.  Crying the whole time and calling for us.  The other night, we were in bed already and she made her all the way to the back of the basement bedroom......in the pitch black, before we found her.  If you are unfamiliar with our house, she had to go down 2 full flights of stairs and  through 2 living rooms to get to the guest room.  We don't leave lights on, so there was no light.  Scary!

Mark found her one night in Lainey's room saying something, but totally asleep.

We are putting chains on all the doors.  Apparently night terrors and sleep walking go hand in hand.  I do not want to worry about not hearing her and her getting outside.  So far it just seems that she comes looking for Mark and I, but its not worth the risk.

She still has no recollection of them, ever.  In fact, when I pray for her at night, I intentionally do not call them by name.  But I wasn't thinking a couple nights ago and prayed that she wouldn't have any night terrors.  She asked me what those were.  I pretty much told her they were bad dreams.

Please continue to lift her up in the evening with us.  I want to be able to let her go to sleepovers someday without having to worry about her having them.  But also for her (and us) to have peaceful nights of sleep.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lainey's Signature Dance Move

To Preface this video.  We sometimes do inpromto dance parties.  Yes, we look ridiculous, but we have fun and its good exercise!  Well, this morning, Lainey started doing this move, and then says, "Mom, I'm rocking the baby!"  So here is Alaina doing her signature move....Rock the Baby!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

So we went from the first day of 1st grade back to kindergarten graduation.  But I had to get it in!
Paige walking in with her class.

Her teacher, Ms B., giving some introduction.

Paige receiving her character quality....Gentleness!

Here she is receiving her diploma from Mr. Annis.

So excited to become a 1st Grader!

Paige and Ms. B with her diploma.

Grandpa and Grandma came to watch.

Nana and Papa drove up just for the graduation and had to drive home the same night.  The wouldn't have missed it!

Starting to ham it up.  It just went downhill from here!

I wanted to include some pics of her in her new graduation dress.  She LOVED it and we thought she was the most beautiful graduate!

We are so proud of her and all that she learned this year!

Paige on the last day of Kindergarten.

Paige on the first day of kindergarten!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of 1st Grade!

I can't believe that summer vacation is over and I sent my first baby off to 1st grade this morning.  She has been uber excited to go, so that made it so much easier. 

She is still at Heritage Christian School and Miss Franje is her teacher this year.

I'm only a little concerned about how much Lainey is going to miss her this year, now that she is going to be gone every day.  I think the little miss may get a wee bit spoiled.

Here is Paige by her locker.  This morning she told me I could just drop her off.  Umm, I don't think so baby girl.  Mommy was coming in.  Even Daddy went to work late so he could walk her in this morning.

I'm so glad she isn't too old to blow us kisses when we leave.  She has such a sweet spirit and I will definitely miss having her at home. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lemonade Stand

The girls have been asking to have a lemonade stand.  We don't exactly live in a prime location to have one on a random day, so when I decided to have a garage sale, it was the perfect opportunity.

Paige sounded like a little "carney".  When she saw someone pull up, it went a little like this.

To herself:  "Wait for it.  Wait for it."
As soon as they were 4 feet from their car:  "Lemonade and Cookies!  A quarter and 25 ce-ents!"  (Yes, with voice influction.)

It was fun to watch them and on Sunday, they both wanted to give $1 in offering at church, so it was a great learning tool for them about working and giving back to God.  Although when we were telling Lainey about giving our money to God, she got a litte confused because she didn't know where God would be to give her money to Him.  It was pretty cute!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Grandma

My grandma was here for a month from her home in Florida.  The girls and I got to spend a few days with her while she was here.  It was great to get to make some memories and see the girls really get to know their Great Grandma G.

And they got to see their 2nd cousin, Naomi, too, which is always a bonus!  I think I could claim her.  She looks a lot like my girls!