Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sardines are Yucky!

Disclaimer:  We did NOT want to open the sardines, but the girls BEGGED!  We told them sardines are fish and if we opened the can, they would have to try it.  Both agreed!  The candy came into play after the can was opened and both girls bailed on the idea of eating sardines.


 It was such gorgeous weather over spring break that we finally got to take the girls to the park.  It was the first time in 2011!  They needed it and I needed it!
Papa pushing Paige!
My little climber.  She was hesitant at first, but as soon as she realized she could do it, there was no stopping her.

More pushes!

Paige has always loved the Monkey Bars.  Her strength amazes me!

And our first "owie" of the year!  I'm sure we'll have many to follow.

Lainey likes to hang, but you better be right there because she'll just drop when she can't hold on any longer.

Not a very well composed picture, but I love the hair and expression!

Happy Unkie's Day!

 Paige woke me up March 17th, saying, "Mommy get up it's Happy Unkie's Day!"  What?!  It took me a minute to figure out that she had translated St. Patrick's Day to be Happy Unkie's Day.  You see, my brother, her unkie's, name is Patrick.  Clever girl!
I was at my parents house for a few days for spring break, so my mom and I took the girls a big St. Patrick's Day parade.  It happens to go right by where my sister works, so she took a few hours off to hang out with us.  Aunt Amber LOOOOVES  St. Paddy's Day!

 Paige gets nervous when the fire engines roll through.  She's not so much a fan of the sirens.

I can't say that I recommend the parade.  It was CRAZY!  But the girls had fun and were so cute and well behaved compared to the rest of the city that was there.  After the parade we went to the zoo.  Unfortunately my camera batteries died, so no pics from the zoo.  It was such a nice day and we had so much fun!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiwi or Pooey, Same difference!

Today for lunch I gave the girls kiwi.  I had forgotten that Alaina calls it pooey.  She got up and started dancing around, singing, "I waaant pooey, I waaant pooey!"  Here's some video I took of the girls having their "pooey". Please ignore the hair and outfits. We had and "at home" day today.

Dear Blog,

Have you been missing these faces?  The ones I keep neglecting to update you on.  The faces that are keeping me extremely busy with life.  I've been waiting for this life to slow down, for this life to return to "normal", but over the past few months I've had to come to terms with the fact that "busy" is our new "normal".  So I'm choosing to embrace it.  I'm going to stop waiting and try to start keeping up.  I solemnly swear (except I don't) that I will update you more frequently.  That I will store our memories here so the girls have something to look back on and remember their childhood, so I will remember their childhood.  These precious faces are growing up and, in the words of Steven Tyler, I don't want to miss a thing!

Love, Melanie

For Amber!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No worries!

Today I laid Alaina down for nap and called for Paige to come up to get ready for rest time.  Paige replied to me as she was coming up the stairs, "You don't have to worry about me anymore.  I'm a big kid now!"  Oh. My. Heart.  If she only knew.

Shoe Tying

Paige has actually been able to tie for a few months, she just wasn't very consistent.  Today, she wanted to tie the string on my pants, so I had her go get her tennis shoe and show me.  She got it right away and then did it a few more times.  I'm pretty impressed, I've only shown her a few times, but then when I asked her who taught her, she said, "Daddy".  Maybe he's been showing her.  Either way, I'm so proud of her!