Tuesday, July 28, 2009


would somebody I know do THIS at their wedding. And can I totally be in the wedding party. Mark, can you imagine if I had asked for this at ours??!!!!

Look who's all proud of herself!

Alaina can climb onto the chair all by herself. And boy is she proud!
The next step. . . hair?

Go Fish!

I think the Go Fish Guys may be my favorite group EVER! I've been following this group since before they did kid's music. Now, they sing awesome kid's songs that not only Paige loves, but I love. I would HIGHLY recommend these guys to anyone who has kids. And even if you don't, you should still check them out. We can be seen many evenings before Mark gets home from work, rockin' out to these guys. We were blessed that they put on a concert last weekend that was close and affordable. We had a great time in the 2nd row.
They shot out some confetti early on. When Paige get's scared she covers her ears. It wasn't all that loud. She was just nervous.
It was fun to watch Paige dance and participate.
Alaina did great. She just sat and watched.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Paige's 1st time playing disc golf. She played with us over the 4th of July in Minneapolis. Mark and I love to play, but have DRASTICALLY decreased our playing since having kids. This summer has been fun as we have rekindled our love of the game.
Our family at Como Zoo in Minneapolis.
Mommy and Lainey
Paige's 1st time eating Cotton Candy. Thanks Unkie, we LOVED it.
Lainey's 1st time eating Cotton Candy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Then and Now

This picture was taken at babysitting swap on December 3, 2007. From L: Austin, Hannah, Ellie, Cameron, Aubrey, Paige, and Abby
This picture was taken today, July 24, 2009. From L: Zachary, Hannah, Paige, Alaina, Cameron, Austin, Ellie, Abby, Aubrey, and Lauren. Look at all those feet!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paige's First Campfire

Helping Daddy build the base for the fire.
Watching intently as Daddy starts the fire.
Posing with Daddy.

Helping Mommy roast my first marshmellow.
Blowing to cool off the marshmellow.
Taking a bite.
Showing Daddy that I prefer marshmellows that aren't roasted. (I take after my Daddy.)

Deciding that I still like to roast them, even if I don't like to eat them.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Ballerina

As you know by now, Paige had her first ballet recital a couple weeks ago. She has been taking lessons since last fall from our dear friend Amy. I say our friend because Amy is dear to me and my girls absolutely ADORE her. I think she has to have the most patience of any one I know to teach two 4 year olds and two 2 (now 3) year olds ballet. She has done a fantastic job and the girls were adorable.
Aubrey, Ellie, Hannah, and Paige waiting to start their recital.
Paige performing a cartwheel for us.
Ellie, Aubrey, Hannah, and Paige

Doing a "Sugarbowl".

Amy and the girls

Mommy and her ballerina
The proud parents with our dancer.

Aunt Amber . . .
Uncle James and Aunt Jenna . . .
and Nana and Papa came to watch.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Things Paige

M: Paigey,what do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be a teacher? 

P: Nope 
M: Do you want to be a Doctor? 
P: Nope 
M: Do you want to be a Nurse? 
P: Nope 
M: Then what do you want to be? 
P: A Princess! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th

We opted to skip fireworks on the 4th and just have our own little show at home. Patrick and Mark went out and bought some fun things to shoot off and we had TONS of sparklers. It was much more fun and relaxing than a fireworks display would have been. We let Paige stay up late to have fun with us. We entertained ourselves by writing with the sparklers. Can you figure out what they are supposed to say?

We went to Minnehaha Park and had a great time. We played some disc golf. It was Paige's first time playing with us. I'm sad I didn't get any pics of her playing. She did a good job for her first time. She basically tee'd off with us and then putted as we got close to the baskets. It was a nice park and we hope to go back again. We finished off the afternoon wading in a splash pool they had at the park. The girls loved it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pool Fun and Sparklers

Unkie and Auntie bought a pool for the girls to play in while we were there. It was so thoughtful of them. The girls definitely had fun playing.
Even Alaina liked it. I'm never too sure how she is going to react to things. She either loves it or hates it. Lucky for us, she loved the pool and being outside.

Unkie humored Paige and got in the pool with her. She had fun splashing him and pointing out the grass and bugs that had found their way into the pool.

It was nice to be able to relax and just enjoy being there and the girls were entertained. Thanks for the pool party, Unkie and Auntie.

Auntie entertained Alaina. She just laughed and laughed.

Stopping to pose for a pic.

Unkie and Auntie bought a HUGE case of Morning Glory Sparklers. Paige thought they were pretty cool.

She could even do two at a time. Big stuff!

We lined the stump with sparklers, then sat Paige on it to watch. I don't think she was so sure of this.

Alaina even enjoyed watching the sparkler.

I had to post this pic. I just love the look on her face.

Pure Excitement! She just had a ball with those Morning Glories.